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Kumkulamma temple, Mavulamma temple and Yamadhuru of west godavari temples, Ap

  1. Kumkulammavari temple

    The temple is located on the way to Dwaraka Thirumala. It is about a kilometer distance from the temple.

    The main deity is swayambu Goddess to Kunkudi tree (soap nut tree).

    We see goddess kunkulamma to the trunk of the tree. There is an idol they have installed in front of the tree, to which all rituals are done. The tree is very old and it has started perishing. So, to protect the tree, it is covered with silver kavacham.

    We see a small urchava vigraham in front of the deity. They say the goddess is sister of Lord Venkateswara. Yatra to Dwaraka thirumala is completed only when they visit and pay homage to goddess Kumkulamma

  2. Mavulamma:

    The temple is in Bhimavaram town of west Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. The temple is about a kilometer distance from Someswara swamy temple of pancha ramala kshetram

    The main deity is, Goddess Mavulamma. The idol is about 10' height. The goddess has eight hands with weapons in each hand. There is a silver garland of skull decorating her.

    Inspite of everything, we can fell the kindness in her looks. We do not feel like moving out from the sanctum.

  3. Yanamadhuru, Saktheeswarar temple

    Saktheeswarar temple

    The temple is about 7 kilometers from Mavulamma Temple of Bhimavaram town

    The main deity is Swayambu Sivalinga known as Saktheeswara Swamy and goddess Parvahi with child Lord Subramanya on her lap.

    Here we see, Siva in Sirasasana posture which is unique and it is one of its kinds.

    Purana says once Yama prayed to Lord Siva to help him out in defeating Sambasuran in fight. At this time Lord Siva was meditating in sirasasana posture and sakthi was beside him to take care and see that he was not disturbed by someone. So, Sakthidevi Parvathy gave her powers to Yama. With her powers in him, Yama was able to defeat Sambasuran

    He prayed to lord Siva to stay back in the same form here and bless mankind. We see goddess next to Lord Siva with Subramanya on her lap.

    Siva is known as Saktheeswarar, because Goddess gave her powers. They say since Lord Siva is in Sirasasana form here, with goddess beside him to shower her blessings on us

    We see two small Nandhi in front of the Nandi in front of Dwajasthambam. The two small Nandi’s are dwarabalakar, which were inside the sanctum and now shifted outside. We find Navagraha sannidhi in the temple. There is a pushkarani in front of the temple

Dwaraka Thirumala, West godavari ,AP.

  1. Dwaraka Thirumala:

    The temple is located 40kms distance from Eluru of west Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. One can reach the place easily. Eluru is on the main railway line to Visakapatnam.

    The main deity is, Swayambu idol of Sri Lord Venkateswara. This place is known as china Tirupathi. They say offerings of; Tirupathi can be given here in this place.

    The temple is named after great saint Dwaraka. He penenced on ant hill to get the self manifested idol and installed here. In the sanctum the main shrine is visible only upto bust and the lower part is regarded to be immeresed down the earth.

    We see another idol of sri venkateswara at the back of the original one in full which was installed by sri Ramanujar in 11th Century.

    According to purana the temple belongs to krutha yuga. As per Brahma purana, Aja Maharaja {grand father of Sri Rama } worshiped, Sri Lord Venkateswara.

    On his way to swayamvaram of Indumathi {grand mother of Sri Rama} he crossed the temple of Dwaraka thirumala and he did not pay homage to lord. He had to face problems with other kings. Since he overlooked the temple on his way, he realized all that’s happened and he pleaded Lord, to forgive him.

    The present temple is constructed by Maylavaram Zamindars between the year 1877 and 1902.

    The temple timings are 5.30 am to 12 noon and 4pm to 8pm.

Antarvedi, East Godavari, Andhra pradesh.

  1. Antarvedi: Lakshmi Narashima Swamy.

    Location: The place is located 15 kms from Sakhnitpalle mandal and 10 kms from Narasapur. The village is placed at the confluence of the bay of Bengal and Vashista Godavari, one of the seven branches of River Godavari..

    It is said that Maharishi vasishta brought River Godavari, here and it is one of the most sacred bathing ghat for entire Godavari delta. The place is known as Dakshina Kasi. This is 32 kshetra of 108 Narashima kshetram.

    The temple was built during 15-16 th century. The temple is called as an island temple because it’s on the tributary of Godavari and Vasishta Godavari, meeting the sea, {sagara Sangamam}

    Main deity is Lord Lakshima Narashima Swamy facing west and the temple is of 5 storeyed vimana gopuram. There are also deities like Neelakanteswarar, Sri Ramar and Anjaneyar.

    As we enter inside we see Garuda and Anjaneyar to either side. We see Baktha Anjaneyar to a side and Venugopala swamy

    To the roof near the sanctum, we see Lord Krishna on palm leaf. The whole piece is a single stone. We see lakshmi on the lap of main deity Narashimar which is not too clear

    As we go around the main sanctum, to east side Prakaram, Goddess Rajayalakshmi thayar and Venkatachalapathy is seen. To North side Prakaram, Bhoodevi, and Ranganadhar. To west side prakaram we see Santhana gopala Swamy and Kesava swamy. Finally to south side prakaram, we see Azwar sanndhi and Chaturbuja Anjaneyar

    The purana says Maharishi vasishta established an ashram here. Lord Brahma performed rudra yaga and installed Lord Neelakanteswara to get rid of his sins.

    Rakthavilochana son of Hiranyaksha performed penance for a long period on Lord Siva, who finally was pleased and agreed to fulfill his wishes. Rakthavilochana prayed to lord that during the war time the blood drops that fall on the sand, and as many particles of sand are there should be transformed into warriors for his force.

    purana: During Kaliyug the place Antarvedi was forest and everything was lost. Kesavadas was having cows which were taken out for grazing by Nar. One day the cow showered all milk on an ant hill.

    This was happening everyday and Kesavadas followed the cow and found that the milk is showered on an anthill. He had a dream to construct a temple for Narashimar there. The temple was constructed at the same place of the anthill. When they started the work they found a stone sculpture of Narashimar and it was installed in the temple

    The temple fell into ruins and it was rebuilt under the patronage of Sri Narendra Lakshmi Narashima Rao as an offering to Lord for protecting his ship from drenched into the sea. The temple was reconstructed in the year 1923.

  2. Vasishta Devalayam

    This temple is constructed in the year 2005

    The Devalayam is near Narashima swamy temple. The building is in circular form and the height is 54’. They say Sri chakkram is kept to same depth down ie. 54’. We have to climb few steps to reach the first level.

    Here, we see saligrahama tortoise on which Maha Meru of Emarald is installed. We are allowed to enter inside the sanctum, and as we go around we see Dasavataram sculptures of Saligrahama stone are installed.

    Next we go to the second level where we have the darshan of saptha Maharishi.

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