Monday, November 22, 2010

Sri Rama temple, Sitarambagh, Hyderabad city.

  1. Sree Rama temple.

    The temple is in Sitaram bagh, Hyderabad city. the temple is about 400 years old. The temple is private management by Rajastani family. Good thing about the temple is there is no hundi. There is a main Raja gopuram in different form

    As we enter through the main entrance we see many families residing inside the compound. There is a way leading from side to the temple. The place looks like a fort.

    We see different vahanas which is used during the festival time .

    There is a sixteen pillar mandapam as we enter inside.

    we cross and enter inside and we see a separate sanctum for Lord Ganesha.After worshipping Lord Ganesha we climb few steps, to Lord Srirama temple.

    We enter into a maha mandapam of Srirama sanctum.

    Here we see Dwajasthambam and a small sanctum attached to it with Garudazwar and Hanuman for darshan. we seek the permission of Garudazhwar and visit the main sanctum.

    Inside the main sanctum we see Lord Rama with Seetha, Lakshmana, Baratha and Saturugnan. This is rare thing. Main deity of Srirama and Baratha are of black stone and the rest are white stone.

    In front of the main deity there are three steps. To the top most one we see brass idols of Sri Rama, Seetah and Lakshmana. In the second step we see Radha krishnar and in the last one saligrama stones.

    As we come out there is another perumal temple with separate entrance. As we enter in we see garudazwar in a small sanctum near Dwajasthambam. In front of Garudazhwar we see Perumal with Thayar. There is a separate sanctum for Thayar.

    As we walk out from a side entrance we enter in to see a sanctum for Sri Hanuman and near by a separate sanctum for Mataji. there is a big pipal tree in front of Hanuman mandir.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kotheswara temple, contonment, secunderabad

  1. Kotheswar temple:

    The temple is in Secunderabad Cantonment area about 10 kms from Secunderabad Station.The temple is in a very calm atmosphere and beautiful surrounding.

    TheSiva Lingam here is a very old one and it looks something different from normal Lingam we see.

    It’s a rock temple and the main sanctum looks like a cave. There are two main doors one to east and the other to east side.

    To east side entrance we see a Hanuman with Sanjeevi parvath carved to stone.

    We see a decorated nandi in front of the Lord Siva.
    The Siva lingam is too small and it is a bit low from the floor.

    Within the main sanctum we see sculpture carved to rock. There are steps which lead to the top of main sanctum hall.

    There is a huge hall in front to accomadate the devotees who visit during sivarathri festival.

    There is a big tree to which we see many bells hanging. They say those are tied by the trainees once they finish training period. Under the tree we see small Yama sculpture.

    There is a seperate sanctum for Durga matha. The sculpture is of marble.

    The cadets have made a replica of temple like Amarnath. Cave, and inside we see a lingam of ice.

  2. The History written on a board at the temple premises:

    The history of Kotheswara Temple of 1EME centres is unique temple in twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. The temple is located on a hillock at a height of 50meters.

    The history of Koteshwar temple dates back to a century and has a in Siva puranam which refers to Swayambu Siva lingam formed 9 lakhs years ago.

    The history says in this area of Kotheswara temple there was a quarry in which number of labourers employed for breaking stones. One day the Siva lingam was found when they were working. A small temple was built for Lord Siva.

    The Siva Lingam in the temple is the same one which was mentioned in Siva puranam.

    The temple was then surrounded by wild vegetation and dense forest. Number of saints lived and worshipped Lord Siva here.

    In 1953 No1EME shifted from Banglore to Secunderabad, and a promotion cadre Company was formed. The trainees of promotion Cadre Company re-established,
    this old temple. Bajans, keerthans, and worship were done here. They developed the surroundings area of the temple and constructed the south side steps leading to temple.

    In 1966 the Driving Training Battalion of 1EME centre shifted to this existing location. The small temple was renovted and re- constructed.

    In 1985 a massive project was under-taken to give a new look to the temple. Number of additions and alterations were done. The entire project was undertaken by the staff, trainees and recruits of 4, Training battalion on voluntary basis. The finance was raised by the daily offerings made by devotees.

    Sivarathry festival is celebrated in a grand scale.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ramalingeswara Swamy temple, keesara, Secunderabaad, AP.

Visit to Keesara on Sivarathri day.

  1. Rama Lingeswara Swamy:

    The temple is in Keesara mandal which is about 25 kms from Secunderabad.

    The temple is on a small hillock. We find lot of Siva lingams around the main sanctum.

    When we enter in dwajasthambam is seen and inside we see Bhavani matha in separate sanctum and as we procced further we see Anjaneyar with Siva linga in front.

    Ganapathy, Lord Subramanya with Valli Devanay,are seen to the sides of main door of Main sanctum.

    Inside the main sanctum, Siva Lingam known as Ramaligeswar is seen with a sculpture of Siva at the back of Lingam. As we come out there is a small sanctum Durga matha is seen.

    Outside the Siva temple there is Sthala Vruksham with Naga Devatha under it.

    Now we come to another hall like thing with Dwajasthambam in front. Here we see Lakshmi Narashimar and opposite of the sanctum Garudazwar is seen.

    Then we see Siva panchayadhana murthy, with Nandi in the front.

    Finally we see Sita, Rama and Lakshmana and Hanuman facing them in the front in a small sanctum.

    There are sculptures of Maha kali, Maha Saraswathy and MahaLakshmi, are also in the same hall.

    At a distance we see Hanuman in separate sanctum and near by there is huge Hanuman on a platform.

    Purana says when Hanuman was flying with Sanjeevi Parvatham pieces of it fell down in this place which turned out to be Siva Lingam.

    That is the reason we find of Lot of Siva lingam in this place.Its a hear say that are 108 Lingams in number over here.

Temples of Twin city, Secunderabaad.

  1. Sri Lakshmi Narashimar temple:

    The temple is in a lane leading to Market Street from RP road, Secunderabad, AP
    The temple is under renovation. They have shifted main deities to balayalam near the temple premises within a shutter nearby the temple premises.
    Main Deity is Lakshmi Narashima Swamy.

    The main deity is having his left leg front which means he is ready to help one who
    Worship him. We see Sanku and chakkram held to his point fingers and rest of the four fingers together pointed towards him. The other two hands of Narashimar is, Abhya hastham and Varadha hastham.

    Other deities that belong to the temple is Andal, Azwar, Anjaneyar, and Utsavar

  2. Siva Temple:

    This temple is on the lane that connects General Bazaar from RP Road.
    We may have to climb few steps to enter into the temple.

    Main deity is in Lingam form known as Uma Maheswarar. Ganapathy is seen in different sanctum next to the main sanctum. Other deities seen inside are Sathya Narayanar, Anjaneyar, and step down few steps to go around Navagrahas.

  3. Lakshmi Narayanar temple:

    This temple is about 5 minutes walk in the opposite lane of Uma Maheswara Swamy Temple. There is a huge Raja Gopuram.

    We see dwjasthambam with Garudazwar facing main deity Lakshmi Narayanar.

    The main deity is Lakshmi Narayanar of Marble stone. There is a separate sanctum for Andal and Azwar.

  4. Kannika Parameswari Temple:

    This temple is about five minutes walk from Lakshmi Narayanar Temple.
    The temple is attached to marriage hall

    We see Kannika Parameswari as main deity with Sri Chakra in front of her.

    We find utsavar in front of her. There is a separate sanctum for Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathavardhini.

    Anjaneyar is seen in separate sanctum in the main hall.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Temples of Twin city, RP Road, Secunderabaad.

These are few temples about 3 kms from Secunderabad station. Most of the temples are more than 200 years old.

  1. Sri Venkatesa perumal Temple:

    The temple is located at Shivaji Nagar; near pass port office on the main road we find the main arch of the temple to right side of the road.

    Main Raja gopuram as we enter, Radha krishnar is seen in a small sanctum to left. There is only one prakaram for the temple.

    Inside the sanctum we see Venkatesa perumal and urchava vigraham to front. Garuda is seen in front of perumal to the opposite end of the mandapam.

    As we go round the temple we see Padmavathy Thayar in a small separate sanctum. There are beautiful paintings of Ashtalakshmi, and to the main sanctum walls we see paintings of Lord Krishna and Sri Rama.
    The temple is neat and well maintained.

  2. Sri Anjaneya swamy:

    This temple is connected to Venkatesa perumal. The temple is to opposite side of the road facing the main temple. There is an arch for the temple.

    We find Vishvaksenar in a small separate sanctum in front as we enter. There is a separate sanctum for Bhoovaraha Sudarshnar to the side within the compound.

    Main deity is Anjaneya swamy facing Venkatesa perumal temple.

  3. Sri Ranganadha Temple:

    This temple is in the lane adjacent to Ananda Bhavan Hotel in RP Road.

    We have to climb three steps to reach main sanctum of Ranganadhar.

    We see Ranganadha swamy relaxing on Adiseshan. Ranganayaki Thayar is seen in separate sanctum to right of the main Ranganadhar sanctum. Andal is seen to right in separate sanctum. The temple is only one mandapam.

    As we go around we see beautiful Tanjavur paintings framed. There are small sanctums for Sreenivasar, Azwar, Danvantri and Radha Krishnar to the side. There is a Dwahasthambam for the temple

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